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Affordable 3D rendering services

3D Rendering Price all over the world

What is the price of 3D rendering?

A compliant price guide for 3D rendering servicer all around the world

A visualization Studio in New York and Los Angeles, usually charge for a high-quality 3D still image is between $350 USD and $ 1000.00 USD. This is an average price you could expect that paying in this range as being fair for small to medium projects, large projects range from $2500 USD onwards depending on the project. While standard 3D animation costs anywhere between  US $1000.00 USD and $5000.00 USD, you could expect to pay a fair bit more depending on the duration and complexity of the video. Obviously, every studio is different and prices vary, but usually, the studios that are producing higher quality work, are charging more. If you have worked with rendering studios, you probably know you can get cheaper renderings from countries like China, Sri Lanka, and India.


Why not find a cheap 3d rendering service?

Under $200 Renderings:

I can say rendering is bad and the average a person off the street might say they see nothing wrong with it, so why should Does anyone care?

Many architectural rendering firms in Bangladesh and Philippines offer low-quality 3D rendering services for between $70to $200 per image. Many clients have obtained these and only to realize once they start selling their products. You get what they pay for. An average person will tell off the street might say they see nothing wrong with it but your customer always compares different option before making a decision. If your image looks bad compared to your competition it triggers a bad impression on your product or service and ended up losing a sale.

However, there are times the low-quality renders are the best.

  • DIY projects and final quality isn’t of that Important.
  • Just to get an Idea and explain basic design concepts.
  • When the budget is the main concern.

$350 vs. $1000 Renderings:

More than 80% of the 3D Visualization companies around the world fall into $350 to $1000 price range including Rapid Renders (download our price guideline).  Advancement of 3D rendering technology, Studios can create a simple realistic computer-generated rendering within a day or Two. This is because of the 3D visualization software’s and computer processing powers significantly improved during the last few years.  In most cases, the final outputs are the same in this price range. So pricing doesn’t necessarily denote quality so the cheaper $350 rendering could look as good as $1000 rendering of a big professional studio.

 No matter what the professional field you are in, inevitably you will be asked to provide or even justify the cost of your services. However, it is a well-known fact that studios in a developed country such as US, UK, Australia, and Canada are charging more. This is because of the expensive labor and operation cost. By taking advantage of more cheap labor studios in developing countries such as China, Sri Lanka and India are charging less.  Depends on the location of the studio, you will see a significant difference in price. But the end output will be pretty much the same.  If it serves your purpose, it is hard to argue against it, and probably a waste of time to even try. 

 You also need to be aware that cheap rendering can also come from a large studio that is basically a render mill pumping out renderings at a quick pace by the use of hundreds of artists working for cheap, producing renderings via assembly line fashion. What it can come down to is the big studio has back up artist to complete your project if an initial artist gets sick or has an emergency comes up, but you aren’t guaranteed the same artist working for you from project to project. The downside is usually that you get different people of varying skill levels each time that a studio provides services. So at this point, there really isn’t much mentioned here that helps a potential client make a better decision.

How to select an artist or a studio?

Selecting an artist/studio by their online portfolio can be difficult for multiple reasons, so if in doubt ask for a reference. There have been plenty of situations where online artist/studios have been called out on stealing others work and showing it as their own. Another item that isn’t illegal, but the question is that there are companies out there that sell ready-made sense for people to render and put in their portfolios. The scenes are sold for this purpose, so nothing illegal, but artist/studios are using content not created in-house to pad/build their portfolio, the work doesn’t represent what they can do and is misleading. There are also plenty of cases where an artist was a small part of a team and they go off on their own and show the work on their own. So be careful if the work seems world class, but the price is ridiculously low and they can’t provide a referral or two.

What it comes down to finding the artist/studio that is knowledgeable in your industry sector and who has a body of work that you respect and a point of contact that you feel comfortable with at a price point that is in your realistic budget. No simple answers, just some things to think about, we have found that there are some fantastic artist/studios in China and the old Soviet Union countries like Sri Lanka.  So it doesn’t mean you can’t go outside the country to find great reliable talent, just do a bit of homework and make sure you aren’t going to do a lot of hands holding for a final product that isn’t acceptable.

If you are looking for a reliable partner who can provide quality and affordable rendering on time please  have a look at our portfolio before making a decision . 

We are driven by our values  Our values don’t just define who we are, but they help us make, our clients successful

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