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3D Rendering Price all over the world


Cheap Vs Expensive Renderings

A visualization Studio is in New York usually charge for a high-quality 3D still image is between $500 USD and $1500.00 USD. This is an average price you could expect that paying in this range as being fair for small to medium projects, large projects range from $3,000.00 USD onward depending on the project. While standard 3D animation costs anywhere between US$3000.00 USD and $8000.00 USD, you could expect to pay a fair bit more depending on the duration and complexity of the video. Obviously, every studio is different and prices vary, but usually, the studios that are producing higher quality work, are charging more. If you have worked with rendering studios you probably know you can get cheaper renderings from countries like China, Sri Lanka, and India, but the downside can be the quality control and all the time spent managing the process to get the results you want. But I would argue that the cost of renderings is also measured in your time and quality of the end result.


It’s All Subjective: but why not find a cheap 3d rendering service?

I can say a rendering is bad and the average person off the street might say they see nothing wrong with it, so why should anyone care? This is the dilemma many potential clients face, the bottom line is the all mighty dollar and if a cheap rendering conveys the idea to the average person, why not just go with the cheapest artist/studio you can find? If it serves your purpose, it is hard to argue against it, and probably a waste of time to even try. So rather than argue the subjective, let’s discuss the objective.


In most foreign countries

The little studio like in foreign country uses the same software and hardware as most of the big professional studios. In most cases, the end outputs are the same. So pricing doesn’t necessarily denote quality, so that cheap rendering is looking pretty good. Professional studios have a very high operating cost as they have to pay very high salaries according to the industry standards.  So considering everything the cost of rendering is very high in all professional studios.

In most of the foreign country, you can find a 3D artist for low salaries and the cost of living is very low comparing to US, UK, Canada, and Australia. In any case, the little guy typically can whip out a rendering that is probably acceptable and you are dealing with an individual which a lot of people like. That cheap rendering can also come from a large studio that is basically a render mill pumping out renderings at a very fast pace by the use of hundreds of artists working for cheap, producing renderings via assembly line fashion. The downside is usually that you get different people of varying skill levels each time that a studio provides services. What it can come down to is the big studio has back up artist to complete your project if an initial artist gets sick or has an emergency comes up, but you aren’t guaranteed the same artist working for you from project to project. So at this point, there really isn’t much mentioned here that helps a potential client make a better decision.


How to select an artist or a studio?

Selecting an artist/studio by their online portfolio can be difficult for multiple reasons, so if in doubt ask for a reference. There have been plenty of situations where online artist/studios have been called out on stealing others work and showing it as their own. Another item that isn’t illegal, but the question is that there are companies out there that sell ready-made sense for people to render and put in their portfolios. The scenes are sold for this purpose, so nothing illegal, but artist/studios are using content not created in-house to pad/build their portfolio, the work doesn’t represent what they can do and is misleading. There are also plenty of cases where an artist was a small part of a team and they go off on their own and show the work on their own. So be careful if the work seems world class, but the price is ridiculously low and they can’t provide a referral or two.

What it comes down to is finding the artist/studio that is knowledgeable in your industry sector and who has a body of work that you respect and a point of contact that you feel comfortable with at a price point that is in your realistic budget. No simple answers, just some things to think about, we have found that there are some fantastic artist/studios in China and the old Soviet Union countries like Serbia or the Our team in Sri Lanka, so it doesn’t mean you can’t go outside the country to find great, reliable talent, just do a bit of homework and make sure you aren’t going to do a lot of hands holding for a final product that isn’t acceptable.

In conclusion, the real cost of architectural renderings may not be the bottom dollar, but the end result and your “hassle free” time.

Our prices are the most competitive in the industry. Contrary to the popular belief, low costs do not mean low standard of work at Rapid renders. Hiring Rapid renders for your projects will mean that you will be getting superior quality 3D Animation, 3D Architecture, 3D Rendering Services, within the stipulated time frame and at unbelievably affordable costs all around the USA.

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